What are the most common types of car accidents?

Rear-end collisions are a common reason for auto insurance claims. The most common type of collision between passenger vehicles is the frontal impact, followed by the rear impact. For most of the past decade, the NHTSA estimates that rear-end collisions account for approximately one-third of all car accidents across the country. With New York City's notoriously heavy traffic in all of its districts, including the Bronx, the percentage of rear-end collisions here is likely to be even higher than the national average.

While it can be difficult to assign fault or responsibility in some car accidents, rear-end collisions are often quite simple; they are almost never the fault of the main driver, who suffered damage to the rear end. Much more often, it is the driver who follows the steps who, due to a distraction, follows him too closely, drives too fast for the conditions or has violated some other traffic regulations, does not stop in time and collides with the main vehicle. A side collision, sometimes referred to as a side impact collision and informally as a “T-bone,” usually occurs at an intersection. The NHTSA classifies side collisions as “angular collisions,” which are the second most common type of car accident after rear-end collisions.

Side collisions usually occur when a driver is too ignorant or distracted to notice a stop sign or traffic signal. The driver continues through the intersection and hits the side of a vehicle that enters the intersection from the right or left. These crashes can also occur when motorists try to “pass a yellow light” or when traffic signals malfunction. It's almost always in your best interest to consult with an attorney after a traffic accident, but people involved in a multi-vehicle collision especially need the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

Once the limits of the no-fault insurance policy for victims in New York are exceeded, a multi-vehicle accident can turn into a tough fight between several insurance companies over who should bear the cost of other people's injuries and losses. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you overcome this complex challenge. While an angular accident isn't the only most common type of accident, it plays a significant role in annual injuries and deaths. New York is a no-fault insurance state that requires drivers to have personal injury protection coverage to pay for injuries suffered in an accident, regardless of fault.

Because an accident is so unexpected, it's not always possible to predict what type of accident might occur. Unfortunately, a car accident can be caused by something that is totally out of your control, perhaps another driver was accelerating or not paying attention to the road, a car in front of it suddenly lost traction, or there was unexpected debris on the road. Most vehicles go in a straight line when involved in fatal accidents, and those that navigate a curve are the second most common. In general, higher speeds cause more fatal accidents due to greater forces exerted on the car and the occupants.

And while they may have “important things to take care of,” most of the time these reckless drivers put everyone else at risk. These crashes can include rear-end accidents, head-on collisions, or even side impacts (for example, when two or more drivers enter an intersection at the same time going in perpendicular directions, one car can hit the side of the other car). Also remember that cars and trucks frequently change safety regulations and new technologies, so check out the latest updates from trusted consumer protection companies on the safest vehicles on the road. It has become common knowledge that car companies often make serious mistakes in design and manufacturing.

It may help to understand more about the type of accident that injured you or a loved one. Car collisions with fixed objects, such as trees and shrubs, account for 7 percent of all fatal accidents in the United States. But what types of car accidents are the most common? And what maneuvers usually cause fatal accidents? Let's take a look at national traffic statistics to find out. Nearly 15% of monthly collisions in New York City are caused by drivers overtaking other cars without regard to safety.

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