Is there an app that shows live traffic?

Always stay on top of what's happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze informs you about traffic, construction, police, accidents, and more in real time. If there's a lot of traffic on your route, Waze will change it to save time. The reference standard for traffic-avoidance applications for iOS and Android phones is also priceless for end users.

You've probably already heard of Waze, and it's critical that you add it to your technology arsenal to avoid congestion. In essence, Waze relies on data collected from its network of users, in addition to real-time traffic data, to report which roads flow smoothly. The peer-to-peer infrastructure allows you to report traffic interruptions in real time and recommend the best possible routes. Best of all, thanks to Google's purchase of the Israeli application company, Waze now uses the software giant's knowledge to keep you moving forward.

If you only download one of these apps, this should be it. Before Waze existed, there was INRIX Traffic Maps, an application that upped the ante when it came to avoiding traffic in real time. Now updated, from a clumsy user interface to one that integrates Apple Maps, Inrix (let's stick with the lowercase letters) is a real competitor to Waze. The main advantage of Inrix is an easy-to-use interface and the journey times that are updated regularly.

Like Waze, Inrix learns from its users' data to help smooth traffic. Do you need to arrive at a destination at a certain time and do you want to know when to leave? Set it up in Inrix and drive safely. The live traffic widget will be an additional and easy-to-use tool for users, which will give them a better idea of how busy an area will be if they need to adjust their travel times or even their routes to avoid scrum, without having to open the application. Sygic has 150 million drivers, including those who use its map software in 200 countries, but it's not the most prolific application in the United States.

The function will work with the zoom to see traffic in a specific area without having to look at the larger map in the application. So, you want to beat traffic, but don't want to rely on a bite-sized screen for the most up-to-date information? Use the Genesis Intelligence Assistant app, a personal assistant for your car that's always ready, presented in bright colors and graphics on a 12.3-inch panoramic screen.

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