How would you describe an accident to insurance company?

To report an accident to your car insurance company, call or file a claim online. Give them details of what happened and any damage or injury you may have. Your car insurance company will want to know how and where the accident occurred. If necessary, write down the details to read to your company.

It's natural to want to explain the accident, step by step. But how much should you really say? If you've already called your lawyer, it's likely that someone from your office will address you with a camera if the accident was serious. If the vehicle that caused the accident left the scene, try to think of something you can remember about it. Avoid making statements about how you felt after the accident, such as “when I realized that I was okay” or “I just felt a little pain.” It's also worth knowing that anything you say to the other driver or anyone else at the scene of the accident could be used against you.

If you've been involved in a car accident, you're immediately going through so much stress that you may not be able to think clearly. When you are tasked with describing the accident to your insurance representative, just disclose the facts and keep your personal opinions and emotions completely out of the box. Investigations may reveal that there is something the (other) driver could have done to avoid the accident. There are times when you can't get out of your vehicle and take pictures, such as when the accident occurs on a busy road or if you get injured.

Some people become aggressive after an accident, and you don't want to be caught in the middle of it. Some injuries caused by a car accident don't show up for months after the accident, so never claim that you don't have any injuries because you just don't know if that's the truth. When making a statement, you will need to provide a description of the car accident to your insurance provider or to the other party's insurer. By sticking to the facts, you can prevent the insurer from taking your statement out of context and assigning blame for the accident to you.

It takes time to evaluate injuries from car accidents, especially if they don't show symptoms right away.

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