How do you add accidents to maps?

Tap Report an Incident, select Accident, Danger or Speed Control from the list, tap the map if you need to move the location of the incident, add information about the incident if you have it, and tap Submit. With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced a feature similar to Waze in Apple Maps, beneficial to all drivers. Now you can easily report an accident, hazard or speed control that comes your way. Apple will collect this information anonymously and, if several people report the same thing, its system will alert other drivers who use Apple Maps.

Now select the Go to a Route option to start your trip. Be sure to specify that you are going to travel by car. Tap Report, which looks like a speech bubble with an exclamation mark. Now choose between Accident, Danger or Speed Control to report an incident at this location.

Reporting an incident is similar when using CarPlay or an iPad. Simply tap the arrow in the menu and select Report just like you would on the iPhone. Accidents that block roads or prevent traffic are often updated by the police in a standalone traffic system that uses Apple Maps. If there are vehicles on the side of the road, you can report it as an accident or a hazard, depending on the severity.

In addition to using Siri (which is safer while driving), you can also use the Apple Maps app to report or resolve an incident. Apple has been adding features to Apple Maps that equate it with Google's offerings, albeit with greater privacy in mind. With iOS 14, 5 or later, Apple Maps allows users to report road hazards, accidents or speed controls, and here's how to do that. The collective collaboration feature allows Apple Maps users to report car accidents, road hazards and speed controls along their route.

You can stop and report the incident from the app with your iPhone, ask a passenger to do so, or leave your hands free with Siri by saying “Hey Siri, report an accident”. Users have long been able to view officially reported accidents on Apple Maps, but now collective collaboration will help keep information about accidents up to date and accurate. A popular feature that Google inherited from the purchase of Waze was the ability to view collective traffic reports on accidents or police stops.

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