How do truck accidents differ from car accidents?

Truck accidents tend to be caused by a different set of circumstances. Car accidents usually happen due to human error (not stopping properly, distracted, speeding, etc. Truck accidents often happen because of the large size of these trucks). It's much more difficult to stop quickly or make the right turns.

Truck accidents differ from car accidents in several ways. The difference in size and weight between the two vehicles can cause much more serious injuries to the occupants of the car than to the occupants of the larger truck. Passenger car occupants are also more likely to suffer fatal injuries (68%) than truck occupants (15%). When two cars of relatively similar size collide, the results are pretty bad.

When a commercial truck weighing 10,000 to 80,000 pounds collides with a car, injuries, property damage, and resulting legal actions increase to an entirely different level. Truck accidents are different from car accidents because the recovery process after one is often more complicated for multiple reasons. An Oakland law firm that specializes in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injury accidents, and bad faith insurance claims. Understanding them can give you a better idea of how truck accidents are different from car accidents.

Just as the truck driver is responsible for his actions, the company he drives for is responsible for the truck, its maintenance and other factors that could have contributed to the accident. What would be a simple fender crash between two passenger vehicles can leave your car wrecked when you have an accident with a large truck. A truck accident is likely to be investigated not only by the local police, but also by the trucking company and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). For these reasons, it is vital that anyone who is injured in a large truck accident be represented by an outstanding lawyer.

No matter how minor the accident, you can expect more damage and higher repair costs after a truck accident. If you've been in a truck accident recently and feel tired of being tricked by the insurance company, don't leave it to chance. Just as trucks can cause more serious damage to your vehicle in small collisions, they can also cause more serious injuries. By contrast, accidents involving trucks can have unique causes such as the driver, mechanics, manufacturing, and other unique causes, such as an improperly loaded load.

One of the most common aspects of any serious truck accident is the seriousness of the injuries they cause to those involved. There is a large set of laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry, affecting the way truck accidents are investigated and the way liability is determined.

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