How do i find out about local car accidents?

Do you need to report a potentially dangerous traffic situation? Your local CHP can help resolve the problem. Mango Traffic is a traffic alert application for Windows Phone. It provides information about traffic conditions in your local area and can show you where there are serious delays caused by accidents or construction work. Trapster is another application that sends traffic alerts to your phone.

It also shows information about the location of speed cameras, red lights and other driving hazards. Report Accident is an application that works better if your friends have it too. You send and receive notifications about accidents and other traffic information through your email and social networks. It also includes tips that you can use in the event of an accident.

Your car accident claim goes all the way to trial, and you are considered to be 15% at fault for the accident, while the other driver is 85% at fault. If you're looking for legal advice that fits your situation, talk to a car accident lawyer in your area. Therefore, understanding California's auto insurance rules is essential for any potential car accident case. If you share some of the blame for causing a car accident, state laws differ significantly in how your claim is affected.

However, every auto insurance contract requires the policyholder to report an auto accident to the insurer shortly after the fact. For example, let's say you have a car accident in which another driver made an unsafe lane change and hit you sideways. So how does this rule of pure comparative negligence apply in the real world? Not only do California judges and juries follow you in a lawsuit (if your case goes that far), but you can also be sure that an auto insurance claims adjuster will consider California's comparative liability rules to determine how much your claim might be worth. States generally don't have laws about whether and when to report the accident to their car insurer, and California is no exception.

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